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1990 Norton F1 / Rotary Beauty…and the Beast

Norton made quite a few rotary motorcycles back in the days (mid-1980s and early-1990s) but none of them were very successful. Yet there was a special one that made a difference – and it was unsuccessful as well! You guessed it – the legendary Norton F1. Something of a 90s Desmosedici RR, Norton had the it all to become legendary – 588cc liquid cooled engine, 95hp@9500rpm, race background and US$45,000 price tag. Yes, that was in the 90′s.

The race version of a F1 (RCW588) bike won the British F1 series in 1989. It was raced in Isle of Man TT, while Notron rotary powered bike broke the Land Speed Record setting a blistering 307km/h in 1991.
The road version wasn’t all that successful. It chronically suffered from the massive heat soak, it was an environmental disaster on wheels and it was expensive as hell. That’s why it is a legent! :) Sick bike!

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  1. i am hard hearing + riding motor bike since 1972 – present so i still drive car

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