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Jul 11

1978 Yamaha XS 500 Flat Track by Alessandro Ganzetti

It is never too late to feature a nice bike. This one is tastefully done by Alessandro Ganzetti from Italy, making it an ultimate street-usable flat tracker based on ever popular Yamaha XS500. Wheels are 19 inch front and 18 inch rear, running Pirelli MT-60 tires (100mm and 120mm wide). Power should be in the 40HP range, and we absolutely love the way the exhaust is done. Good stuff from Italy! Continue reading →

Jul 11

Alien Bike by Roon­gro­jna Sang­wong­pris­arn

Human creativity knows no boundaries! Just look at one of the creations by Roon­gro­jna Sang­wong­pris­arn, build from recycled spare parts from used motorcycles and bicycles. Roongrojna, 54, has four shops in Bankok named “Ko Art Shop” and also exports his work worldwide. We believe that one of his customers got to be famous HR Giger :) Continue reading →

Jul 11

2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R / GiroCam / Nurburgring

To have a full motoGP experience you don’t need much. You need a fast bike, and what better “weapon” than 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R. Then you need a track…we will just say Green Hell.. and you need to film it in a motoGP fashion, well here you can use any compact cam for motorcycle riding – but girocam is the real deal. All that is left is to enjoy in the footage. Click the jump button. Continue reading →

Jul 11

1982 DP Custom F1 inspired Ironhead / Look Right

DP Customs created another masterpiece. This time their 1982 1000cc Ironhead received a true classic F1 look. And as the name suggests this bike does “Look Right”!. Peanut tank, 19 + 16 inch wheel combination, Pirelli tires and BAR color scheme – everything is put together to re-create the times when Formula 1 was still exciting to watch. Custom rigid frame was extended by 10cm with all electrics neatly hidden to create a clean silhouette of the whole bike. If Jacques Villeneuve would to see this bike, he would buy it in an instant…too bad the bike is already sold! Continue reading →

Jul 11

Caution!!! Yellow Goldwings on the road

There is a road in US called Deals Gap. And there is a motorcycle apparently called Honda GoldWing. With it’s weight of around 400kg in full trim, it is powered by 1800cc six-cylinder boxer engine. And then – there is a guy by the name of “Yellow Wolf” that does nothing else but rides the Deals Gap…on his 400kg yellow Honda Goldwing. Bet him $100 and try to pull away from him riding any bike you like. He will even film you trying. No body got his $100 hehe…check out the video after the jump! Continue reading →

Jul 11

Who is faster – Hayabusa or tuned GTR?

Bikes are fast, almost so fast that they are untouchable by cars. But we aren’t talking about your usual supercar here – we are talking about the Godzilla – Nissan GTR. With stock power of around 500HP that is often boosted to ridiculous levels, how about 850HP with the Switzer kit bolted on!? Who is faster now? 200HP Hayabusa or 850HP GTR? Just click the jump button. Continue reading →

Jul 11

2011 MotoGP at Laguna Seca / Casey Stoner Victorious!

Casey Stoner won the 2011 US MotoGP round at Laguna Seca. As many times before Casey Stoner dropped his “hammer” six laps before the end, finishing in great style with more than 5.5s advantage. Jorge Lorenzo had to settle for second place as Casey proved to be “simply too fast” for him at Laguna Seca. Injured hero, Dani Pedrosa finished in third and final position on the podium. Valentino Rossi only managed 6th – definitely not good for Italian and Ducati. Cal Crutchlow and Marco Simoncelli crashed out of the Grand Prix. We were expecting more from Ben Bostrom – as he didn’t finish the race, retiring into the pits on 5th lap. More info on MotoGP web site. Continue reading →

Jul 11

Bubba Zanetti lookalike / 1985 BMW R80 Café Racer

We found this amazing bike over on PipeBurn. A proof that you can have a beautiful motorcycle and not spend much at all…your very own Bubba Zanetti BMW bike :)

Jul 11

Switchback / 10th Anniversary V-Rod / 103ci / 2012 H-D

Two new models are coming from Harley-Davidson in 2012: the 10th Anniversary Edition of a massively popular V-Rod and Dyna Switchback. Milwaukee brand introduced the new 103ci Big Twin engine replacing the old 96ci in all Touring and Softail models. 29 different models are now available in Europe, Africa and Middle East, each of them carefully produced using H-D’s huge market expirience spreading from generation to generation. Continue reading →

Jul 11

Bill Warner + Turbocharged Hayabusa = 311.945mph (502.027km/h)

Well, this is a scary part about motorcycles, specially the ones above 1000cc. They are fast, and we mean FAST, but they don’t feel that way. Do a 1-2-3 gear change on a standard Hayabusa and you will likely hit 200km/h in few seconds. Well that’s why Bill Warner built himself a turbocharged Hayabusa with roughly 650HP. Becoming the fastest men on two wheels, Bill managed to speed up to 502.027km/h (311.945mph) in just 1.5 miles! An unofficial record, but still bloody fast…and it still looks nothing special…d@mn. Continue reading →