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381HP BMW S1000RR Turbo by Holeshot Racing

Holeshot Racing has a lot of experience in motorcycle engine tuning. 26 years of experience, to be exact. In all forms of motorcycle sport and performance tuning, mild to extreme (708hp, 257.4mph UK Land Speed Record holding turbo Hayabusa). So what was the next logical step for them to do?. Well, they have taken BMW’s latest superbike – the famous S1000RR, and LOGICALLY strapped a turbo onto it. Why? We all know that the stock BMW is producing measly 190HP, so Holeshot racing took it out to more respectable 381HP! 

Just to put this power in the right perspective – this bike now has 3 (and in letters: three) times the output of a CBR600RR, and some 140HP more that a MotoGP bike. It it the world’s first Turbo BMW S1000RR – and it is a huge success, as with the BMW’s complex electronics, all previous attempts to do this, failed.

So if you would like to tune your bike for road racing, drag racing, hillclimbing, motorcross – or just plainly enjoy 381HP on your Beemer – then you know who to call.

Source: Holeshot Racing

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  1. how much and who do iget to build it

  2. Same question as “Dewannia” : how much and who do iget to build it

  3. Same question as “Dewannia” : how much, what parts included and who can do the rebuild? Any addittional equ. needed besides what’s included in the kit?

    Best regards and thankful 4 answer!

  4. Hannes, you can contact for all details including parts and pricing.

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