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Arete Americana / Carbon Fiber Ducati 999


UPDATE: Bryan got in touch with us and clarified coupe of things.

Ducati 749/999 was never a pretty bike. It was an amazing piece of machinery that brought Ducati multiple Superbike Championship, but never got so popular as the 916/996/998 that replaced. It had that special thing about it that many Ducatisti liked but many more hated. Arete Americana (Bryan Petersen) / NJ / USA rolled up their sleeves, got in touch with Radical Ducati from Spain and created one of the most beautiful custom sport bikes in the world, if not the most beautiful custom Carbon Ducati 999.

The list of parts and modifications is quite extensive – and there was no corner cutting in this build. The standard swing arm was changed for what appears to be an Ducati 1098 single sided unit – sporting the wheels from the same model. The fairing is full carbon fiber while the rear subframe was changed for the Radical Ducati unit tail isn’t from Radical Ducati (one may be mistaken :)). It is a 1-piece self-supporting carbon solo tail and subframe that weighes 2lbs (without seat or paint) and it was done in-house. Tail took over 6 weeks for Brian to shape. The mirrors are so useless on the stock 999 that it’s better to take them off, and Arete did just that. The turn signals were cleverly repositioned to the front of the carbon fiber fairing. Everything was than neatly packed and send to painters. The result is quite simply breathtaking and almost caught us by surprise like a punch to the face and gut.

We hope that Arete Americana will continue to build such stunning machines as this one, but to surpass something as beautiful as this will be a tough challenge. We will eagerly wait for the next one.

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Source: Rocket Garage

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