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Oct 13

Free the Three / New MT-09 Akrapovic exhaust system


With the new Yamaha MT-09 already arriving in dealers around the world, Yamaha has announced a new Akrapovic exhaust system will be available from November 2013 for this stunning triple cylinder machine. With its CP3 (Crossplane concept 3-cylinder) engine and 120 degree crank, the triple cylinder engine produces a unique and distinctive sound that hasn’t been heard from a Yamaha motorcycle for well over 30 years – but the wait is nearly over and with the new Akrapovic exhaust system, the MT-09 growl will be heard in all its glory. Continue reading →

Aug 13

Contatempo Scuderia / Cafe Racers Watch


If you’re riding a cafe racer, you cannot wear just any watch. G-Shock’s and Rolex’s basically go out of the question, and the list of suitable wrist jewels to go with your open face helmet, sunglasses and your favourite leather jacket is getting shorter and shorter. But that’s ok now, as ContaTempo released a Scuderia design wrist watches. Continue reading →

Jul 13

Triumph Thruxton British Customs Predator Exhaust Installation

By weechonghooi

All those motorcycle videos on the internet, taken by the skilled and talented people are fine and well, but how many nice installation videos can you find? Simple stuff like exhaust muffler change? Not a lot, exactly. So if you want your Triumph Thruxton 900 to look even more pretty, watch this simple instruction. It will give you more confidence to do something yourself, and thats one part of the motorcycle ownership as well, right? Continue reading →

Jun 13

Colour Blinder Helmet by Death Spray Customs


Hovering somewhere between an art form and a motorcycle necessity, Death Spray Customs is producing some of the most beautiful and thought provoking moto/art pieces in the world. We featured their Paranoia Ducati SSS (and we’re still drooling as we look at the pictures), but now it’s time to show off their genius Colour Blind Helmet. We believe that further explanations aren’t necessary but just to be on a safe side – colour blinded people see red and green as grey. Continue reading →

Jun 13

Avon Grips / Coke Bottle Old School Grips


Coke Bottle Traditional styled grips. Made in the USA from Kraton rubber, these made-to-look-old grips will not dry and harden apparently, and will not stain your hands black. Fits 1″ bars, set up for push / pull throttle cables. Inside length = 4.900″ OD = 1.500″. Sold per pair.

via Avon Grips

May 13

Lifestyle / BMW Motorrad Navigator Adventure


In addition to the BMW Navigator IV, BMW Motorrad is now offering the new BMW Motorrad Navigator Adventure. With universal software and longer battery life, the Navigator Adventure is a versatile GPS navigation system that can be used for a host of outdoor activities, such as cycling, hiking or sailing, as well as motorcycling. The car installation kit, available as an special accessory, enables the Navigator Adventure with its preinstalled road maps also to be used in cars.

The BMW Motorrad Navigator Adventure makes touring on unfamiliar routes easier, safer and more relaxing. A 4-inch touch screen with flexible orientation enables you to determine your current GPS position quickly and precisely even in thick forests or between tall buildings. The dual battery system with the rechargeable lithium ion battery pack gives the Navigator Adventure up to 16 hours of battery life. Using conventional AA batteries increases this to 22 hours. Continue reading →

May 13

Super cool / Biltwell Gringo Helmets, Goggles and Bubble Shields


Apparently the guys at Biltwell hear it every day: “What does the Gringo look like with a set of Ray-Bans (or fill in your choice of eye wear here)?” While we cannot take a photo of every style of eye wear ever manufactured, we can show you what a lot of DOT-approved full face helmets paired with a variety of Biltwell bubble shields and Moto Goggles installed. Scroll down for the massive image gallery. Continue reading →

Feb 13

Lifestyle / New TomTom Rider device for motorcycles

TomTom has introduced a brand new version of its TomTom Rider, a portable navigation device created especially for bikers. Following feedback from the motorcyclist community, TomTom Rider has been designed to give bikers the ability to choose the type of route they want to ride: from the fastest; to the most scenic; to their own personalised route. Continue reading →

Jan 13

“Invisible Helmet” Project from Sweden


“If people say it’s impossible, we have to prove them wrong.”. Spoken like a man, er, ladies in this case. Design students Anna and Terese took on a giant challenge as an exam project, something that no one had done before. If they could swing it, it would for sure be revolutionary. Apparently, the bicycle is a tool to change the world, and if we use bikes AND travel safe, life will be better for all. Continue reading →

Dec 12

Lifestyle / GIVI Smartphone Holders / 2013 Collection


Motorcycle accessories manufacturer GIVI’s new series of waterproof smartphone and navigator holders, with a new quick lock/unlock system, is suitable for tubular handlebars. This series is composed of four models; S951 – a smart phone holder developed for iPhone 4S, and in general other smart phones with a similar size (12x7cm). Continue reading →