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Apr 14

Protective sneakers from TCX


Italian boot manufacturer TCX revealed its newest addition to the Urban Line, the X-Rap. Taking its style from casual footwear, the X-Rap offers a lot for a sneaker. Its design is suitable for use on a motorcycle or scooter, but also wouldn’t look out of place on-foot around town. It offers good levels of protection, including full CE Certification and also benefits from a waterproof membrane. Continue reading →

Mar 14

Leather jackets from Dainese


The 2014 collection from Italian manufacturer Dainese has a host of leather jackets available to suit all styles from sports, casual and vintage. All with Dainese’s signature look, feel and design. Continue reading →

Mar 14

Goodyear takes its brand to fashion

GY_Pull and Bear_Casual02

A brand new range of vintage style t-shirts and sweatshirts with Goodyear branding have gone on sale this month at Pull&Bear retail outlets worldwide and online, as part of the Goodyear Vintage fashion programme. As part of a deal brokered between IMG Licensing and the Goodyear Company, the clothing range will be sold at Pull&Bear stores in 62 countries around the world and on their e-commerce website alongside the existing local Goodyear range of clothing. Continue reading →

Feb 14

Vans Alomar NA Series Sneaker


Modern high-top sneaker from the Vans Off The Wall (OTW) collection. The Alomar boot takes styling cues from Vans’ classic Chukka Boot, and infuses those subtleties with the fashionable aspects of a modern, slimmed-down high-top to create a shoe that pushes the boundaries between skate and street fashion. Scroll down for more images. Continue reading →

Jan 14

Dainese updates range of Gore-Tex and D-Dry jackets, gloves and boots


Dainese recently refreshed its range of Gore-Tex and D-Dry jackets, gloves and boots.

Carve Master GORE-TEX
The Carve Master GORE-TEX is the ultimate in protection against the cold and wet weather. The jacket is made from Dainese’s ‘Mugello fabric’, which is designed to provide superb resistance to wear and tear is made in micro nylon and elastomer fabric. The protective properties of the fabric mean it is water repellent and allows for quick drying in-between showers or overnight. Comfort is ensured with a breathable waterproof GORE-TEX membrane, front and rear air vents and a removable thermal liner. It also features wrist adjustment, waist adjustment and a jacket-trouser fastening system. Continue reading →

Jan 14

Osprey / An ODFU and OEM collaboration


It has been hard keeping this one quiet for so long, but now here it is, the ‘Osprey’, a collaborative build between ODFU and Old Empire Motorcycles. This will be based around an unloved Suzuki GN400. Stay tuned for more on the entire build process.

Jan 14

Ysabelle / 13 Lucky Monkey


The original designs of 13 Lucky Monkey are often steeped in superstition, engendered with positive energy and protective imagery; and they often bear the names of women with an emotional connection to the creators. Meet Ysabelle, the latest skull ring inspired by designer Dante Dizon’s goddaughter. Incorporating filigree work seen at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum (home to Rembrandt’s famous “Night Watch” painting), she is also adorned with a sacred heart symbolizing the passion of the ring’s creators as well as the company’s ubiquitous number 13, intended to make it a lucky talisman for the wearer. Her nose is a traditional fleur de lis, whose three petals represent the medieval social classes: workers, fighters and worshipers. Continue reading →

Jan 14

Tech Talk from TCX


TCX is known for supplying motorcycle boots to pro-racers contesting in MotoGP, World Superbikes, British Superbikes, the Dakar rally, World Motocross and road racing, as well as to consumers for everyday use. However, what people may not realise is that behind the Italian design, all TCX footwear has the highest standard of safety features available. Continue reading →

Dec 13

Thrive / Hammer and Stitches

Hammer and stitches is a statement of two entities who crossed their knowledge an experiences to inspire and bring home the goodness to our culture. This is a friendship collaboration between Thrive Motorcycle and Esre Denim. Produced and directed by Thrive Motorcycle. Edited by Aji Yudistira.

Dec 13

King of the Road since 1985 / Yamaha Vmax T-shirt


Is there even one rider of the Yamaha Vmax anywhere in the world who is not absolutely sure that his or her muscle bike is the king of the road, regardless of whether it is a first- or second-generation bike? The high-quality black t-shirt with white print is available exclusively online at Circus VMaximus. The new shirt, which shows a sketch of the profile of the classic first Vmax and of the current VMAX is available in sizes M through 3XL. The shirt sells for 20 euros.