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Apr 14

Daily Inspiration / Classic Vespa B/W


Apr 14

Twinline Moto Shoot / Todd Blubaugh

Talented shutterbug Todd Blubaugh showing off his skills.

Mar 14

Daily Inspiration / Honda Scrambler


Mar 14

B-Rocket / The dynamic duo that is bucking the trend


Inspired by aeronautical design, watchmaker Bell & Ross has once again commissioned Shaw Harley-Davidson to design a concept bike with a sleek and powerful look evoking the extreme modernity of the 1960s and the very first American jet aircraft. More than a motorcycle, a legend. More than a legendary engine, a dream airplane-motorcycle. Continue reading →

Mar 14

’66 Little Honda P25 / Chicara Nagata


You’d think builders have been there and done that, taking inspiration from possibly everything under the sun – aircrafts, boats, cars, electronics, animals, architecture, you name it. But a security camera? Check out this incredibly cool Sony/Honda HD security camera/vintage motorcycle hybrid. Continue reading →

Mar 14

Mondial Motorcycle Lamp


This cleverly constructed lamp is made from the left-side crankcase of a 1954 Mondial Sport 160, the right camshaft from a 1971 Alfa Romeo Giulia and the base is the helical gear from a 1990 Suzuki Samurai. All of the electrical components were handmade by Claudio Maffi, who also does custom motorcycles through his garage V Motorcycles. Order it here. A few more images below. Continue reading →

Mar 14

Daily Inspiration / Twist the throttle and just ride


Mar 14

Daily Inspiration / Wonder Woman on a motorcycle


Mar 14

Randy Grubb’s Garage 4 / The Deco Helmet

Randy Grubb designed the Deco Helmet to match the Art Deco style of his unique streamlined Decopod and Decoson motorcycles. In Episode 4 of Randy Grubb’s Garage, he reveals all of his metal fabrication techniques step-by-step, including the five basics of working with metals: cutting, bending, joining, shrinking, and stretching. The Salvador Dalí of automotive art, Randy Grubb created Jay Leno’s Tank Car, the Indy Special, the B-702, Piss’d Off Pete, the Decoliner, and most recently, the Decopod and Decoson Art Deco motorcycles. The helmet made in this video is Deco Helmet #2 and belongs to Dave Johnston of American Retro in Dinuba, California.

Mar 14

Metal flake painting / Minissale

Video made with metal flake artist Alejandro Minissale