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Apr 14

Bikers Café Jumeirah Cruisin’ / March 29 2014

bikers-cafe-dubai-jumeirah-cruisin-march 075

Bikers Café hosted the fourth Jumeirah Cruisin’ event last Friday. Cars and motorcycles started to come in well before the scheduled time of 4PM. This time around, there was a tasty selection of classic cars and pick-up trucks alongside heavily modified drift cars, street cars and even custom minivans! As always, the amazing turnout of motorcycles included custom bikes, cruisers, superbikes and scooters. With the BBQ was scheduled to start by around 7PM, more and more unique cars started to roll in. There was a huge crowd dropping by simply to view the beautiful cars on display and pose for photos with them. We would sincerely like to thank everyone for coming down and making this another special event, and look forward to the next Jumeirah Cruisin’. Continue reading →

Mar 14

Bikers Café BBQ Night / March 17, 2014


Yesterday’s BBQ Night saw families arriving first to take their tables, followed by bikers who started coming in by around 8PM. A big shout out to the enthusiastic Bikers Café crew for setting up everything nice and early for the evening’s proceedings. The venue got busier as the hours passed, with stunning bikes and supercars parked all around the café. Our wonderful customers also had the chance to savour our newest specialty, the delicious Shawarma Stick. Continue reading →

Mar 14

Bikers Cafe Jumeirah Cruisin’ / Part 3


Thursday evening witnessed the third and most successful Jumeirah Cruisin’ event yet. While the original plan was to have the show at the Kite Surf beach, unforeseen situations caused us to relocate back to Bikers Cafe, which was the perfect venue as it turned out. Cars (and motorcycles too!) started to come in as early as 2PM, when the show was scheduled to kick off only by 4PM. Heavily modified SUVs and pick-up trucks were the first to arrive, followed by an amazing selection of motorcycles, including Ducatis, TGB with their beautiful Bellavita scooters, Yamaha riders and, of course, the fabulous Neutron Motorcycle was also on hand to wow the guests. With the BBQ was scheduled to start by around 6PM, more and more unique cars started to roll in – supercars, classic and vintage autos, rat rods, hot rods and what not. There was a huge crowd dropping by simply to view the stunning metal on display and pose for photos with them. We would sincerely like to thank everyone for coming down and making this another special event, and look forward to the next Jumeirah Cruisin’ which will be even bigger and better. Massive photo gallery below! Continue reading →

Mar 14

Akrapovič exhaust systems comes to Bikers Café Dubai


World renowned manufacturer of exhaust systems, Akrapovič revealed their new line-up at Bikers Café on the 28th of February, 2014. Half of the popular Dubai outlet was reserved for displaying the new, cutting-edge products and potential customers also had the opportunity to take away free goody bags. We are especially thankful to Mr. Ahad Samad, who was on hand to answer queries about the new and latest models from Akrapovič. More images below. Continue reading →

Feb 14

Bikers Cafe @ The Beach Canteen


The Beach Canteen project, part of the Dubai Food Festival, saw some of the city’s best-known restaurants serving everything from sushi to tacos for 10 days. Bikers Cafe was there at the opening on Wednesday 26th February at Kite Beach, along with sister outlet Loca. During the early hours, prior to the media event at 5PM, we were running a bit late, but successfully managed to bring it all together and complete the set-up with a new vespa 946 arriving on time for the show. Esteemed members of the media started arriving early, and the event was soon packed with numerous restaurants offering food tasting opportunities to those present. It was a great event for Bikers Cafe as we had the opportunity to meet and interact with a large number of people, highlighted by a free foozball table, table tennis games and a host of other fun activities. More images below. Continue reading →

Feb 14

Andy Bell and the TRON Light Cycle come to Bikers Café Dubai!


Yesterday’s BBQ Night was a very special one, thanks to the presence of former freestyle motocross rider and racer, and co-founder of Sweatpants Media, Andy Bell. He dropped by around 5.30pm with Mr. Saleh Mohamed Al Geziry, Director, Overseas Promotions and Inward Missions at Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, and Mr. Gaurav Sinha, Founder & CEO at Insignia Worldwide. And this was about the same time the fully electric NeuTron bike was being brought in, much to the delight of Andy and our other guests. Enjoying the early hours of the evening at Bikers Café Dubai, Andy was most excited to look around and know more about the café. Good friends with master bike builder Roland Sands, he was happy to know a little later on that we sold RSD biker gloves at the outlet. Continue reading →

Feb 14

First BBQ Night at Bikers Café Fujairah!


Okay, so this is it, our first ever official BBQ Night at the newly opened Bikers Café in Fujairah. Following on from the success of our popular BBQ Nights in Dubai, the Fujairah event was a smashing success as well, attended by lots of guests, including bikers and motorcycling enthusiasts. Important members of the community graced the occasion, as did top ranking officials from Fujairah’s hospitality industry. The other highlight of the evening was the debut of the TRON light cycle, which reached us in the late hours of Friday night. All wrapped in silver foil, the bike wowed attendees with its dazzling lights and incredibly futuristic styling. Many thanks to Mr. Amire who gave us the chance to display the bike. You’ll also be glad to know that this fully street-legal bike is for sale in the UAE, and is road registerable. In addition to being the first person to ride it, the owner will also receive a few surprises and gift packages. Scroll down for more images. Continue reading →

Jan 14

Bikers Café BBQ Night / January 14, 2014


Yesterday’s BBQ Night saw bikers and other customers come in by around 7PM, which was much earlier than usual. A big shout out to the enthusiastic Bikers Cafe crew for setting up everything nice and early for the evening’s proceedings. The venue got busier as the hours passed, and we were privileged to hand out prizes to the winners of the ‘Bikers Cafe Goes Places’ Instagram photography competition, which ended on November last year. Taking part in the excitement and celebrations were Mr. Chadi (F&B Manager of Bin Hadher Group) and Mr. Ahmad Matoori (Director of PR), who handed out the gifts. The perfect evening was highlighted by the wonderful weather and, of course, our signature grilled meats. Continue reading →

Dec 13

Winners of the “Bikers Café Goes Places” Instagram competition!


Bikers Café is delighted to announce the winners of the “Bikers Café Goes Places” Instagram competition. Zainab Al Attar (@alattarz) clinches first place, with Ahmad Alayel (@alayel60) and Ahmad (@ahmad_o0o) coming second and third respectively. Continue reading →

Dec 13

Jumeirah Cruisin’ part Deux / Bikers Café


Hot on the heels of the first edition of the hugely successful Jumeirah Cruisin’ was our next one. As usual, attendance was by invite only, making for an exclusive event comprising a rich collection of exotic supercars, classic metal and superb custom bikes. Even though the show was scheduled to start by 4PM, cars started coming in as early as 3PM. It was literally a traffic stopper, with a huge number of motorists on Jumeirah’s posh beach road either slowing down to a crawl or even parking their cars and popping over to the café to have a look at the awesome machines on display. Dubai Police also graciously accepted the invitation to the event, bringing along two of their supercars, a Ferrari FF and Audi R8 V10, both proudly done up in police livery. Other highlights of the show, apart from the custom bikes, vintage Vespas and classic Triumphs, included the new Chevrolet Corvette, McLaren MP4-12C, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, Lotus Evora S, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and more. Continue reading →