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Feb 14

Hero MotoCorp / Hero Hastur 620


India’s Hero MotoCorp, the world’s single largest two wheeler motorcycle manufacturer, recently showed off a few interesting concepts like the futuristic iON Hero, the turbodiesel hybrid RNT 150 scooter and this one, the Hastur 620, which seems the likeliest to enter actual production. The result of a partnership between Hero and Erik Buell Racing, details on the bike are scarce. Alleged specs indicate that it will weigh 160kg, feature an internally developed 80hp parallel twin, accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 3.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 240km/h. What do you think?

Dec 13

Chain Bike / RK Concepts / 2013 Essen Motor Show


This awesome bike is built by RK Concepts, owned by Lebanese-born Rafik Kaissi from Austin, Texas. Driven by a 100hp Buell XB 12R 1.2-litre two-cylinder engine, the custom “RK Chain” bike also borrows the transmission and rear brake from the now-defunct American company. The rest of the wild mods, including that massive rear wheel, are completely done in-house by RK Concepts. Continue reading →

Nov 13

The Bully / Deus America


Woolie’s Workshop build number nine is called The Bully. Somewhat to do with its silhouette, somewhat to do with word jumble play where you take the name Buell and you rearrange the letters and you get something kind of close—the bike’s moniker really has everything to do with the fact that the it just feels like a bully. What began as the remains of a post-collision Buell Lightning X1, The Bully started its journey into being at Dr John’s to have its compromised frame revitalized. With the chassis stabilized and a new chromoly subframe and swingarm in place, Woolie got to work. Adding his signature blend of artistry and craftsmanship and using as many American made parts as possible, Woolie labored long and hard to create this highly capable, highly captivating café racer. Continue reading →

Aug 13

Custom / Officine RossoPuro ‘Big Red’


Officine RossoPuro’s ‘Big Red’ is based on a 2012 Buell X1 and, though the donor bike is powered by a motor that shares a lot in common with the Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 V-twin, it belts out 95hp thanks to Erik Buell’s high performance ‘Thunderstorm’ cylinder heads. Continue reading →

Feb 13

Magpul Ronin 1125R / Legend of the 47


The Magpul Ronin 1125R is one of those motorcycles that pops out of the woodwork every now and then, and completely muddles up your preconcieved notions of how a motorcycle should look like. Reception of the original 1125R – a concept developed by firearms accessories and parts manufacturer Magpul – was so overwhelming that Magpul started a new subsidiary company called Ronin Motorworks, with the sole purpose of building and selling the Ronin. So why the name “Ronin” and what is the legend behind the 47? Continue reading →

Jul 12

Buell X1 by Buchholz Custom

We absolutely love this bike – a brilliant idea and a perfect execution by the Buchholz Custom / Germany. So what is it? It’s a custom Buell X1 1200cc engine attached to the heavily modified Harley-Davidson Sportster XL frame. The swingarm and the linkage was borrowed from Honda CB1100SF X11, the rear shock is Ohlins and the wheels are Honda VTR1000SP2 pieces. It’s all finished off with a Mikuni 40mm flat side carburetor breathing through a K&N filter while the exhaust gasses are exiting via Akrapovic system – powder coated black. Continue reading →

Jul 12

Crazy Buell Supermoto by TPJ Customs

Now this is something very refreshing. A special Custom Buell SuperMoto by TPJ Customs, and no, it’s not your usual custom bike seen every now and then, but the real deal, the idea, the engineering, the execution…the whole lot! Huge Buell V-Twin engine is fitted into the purpose build mini-frame, the “box” section swing arm is handmade plus it hides the battery, the rear fender act as the oil reservoir…yes, it’s that crazy and that beautiful. We can only cover our ears when we see the custom “straight” exhaust sneaking from the cylinder heads. Continue reading →

Jun 12

Post-Crash Aftermath / Bike stuck in the tree

Motorcycle crashes makes us cringe every…and to hear that the bike ended up in the tree after one just add that little bit more to the horrific scenes we already imagine in our heads. The unfortunate New Zealand rider catapulted his Buell from a ditch by the road all the way across the driveway into a nearby tree – you can feel the kinetic energy of the crash looking at pictures. He was taken to a hospital in the serious condition. Continue reading →

May 12

Past Concepts / 2010 / Magpul Buell 1125R

Couple of things you need to know about this badboy. It is a custom Buell 1125R build by the company specialized in weapons accessories – Magpul. The name Ronin comes from the Japanese culture and stands for a samurai warrior who lost his master (as the first concept appeared around the same time Buell shit its doors – the name makes a lot of sense). All the aggressiveness and styling cues come from the elements of the cafe racers, streetfighters and – believe it or not – Vincent Black Shadow! The girder-styled front fork, the radical headlight, the front mounted oil cooler and couple more clever tricks helped this bike loose a staggering 22kg! Continue reading →

Jan 12

Bott Power XR-1

Last time we heard of Bott Power was in March, 2011, when they produced one of the sexiest renderings of their Buell XB motorcycle. The hi-tech moto company from Spain didn’t stopped there, but went on to produce a full running version of this amazing concept! With all the main parts already fabricated – they are currently assembling the bike and putting the final touches to it! Just take a look at the detail of the headlight and the oil cooler – whoa…amazing! Continue reading →