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Apr 14

Daily Inspiration / Classic Vespa B/W


Apr 14

eBay find / ’79 Honda CB750


This particular 1979 example might not be your average Honda CB750 custom cafe, but Jake Smith’s (a former mechanic of Exile Cycles) creation does look cool. Hit the link for three more images. Continue reading →

Apr 14

San Francisco Skyline

On a dark, drizzly day in the San Francisco Bay Area, Petrolicious caught up with Ivan Jaramillo, the owner of not just one, but two Skylines: the Hakosuka and the Kenmeri. With epic histories, straight sixes and little effort, both cars roared through redwood groves and past horse ranches on Lucas Valley Road before posing for their close ups along the bay. In this feature interview, Ivan passionately describes his love of Japanese automobiles and more specifically the Hakosuka and the Kenmeri. Via Petrolicious.

Apr 14

Burnt Nickel II / ’70 Honda CB / Kott Motorcycles


The name of this bike is indicative of the heat-treated steel that has been clear-coated to create a unique and raw finish. Several components from front to back and bottom to top have been given the warmth of nickel electroplating. Lastly, this is the second motorcycle on which Kott has showcased this aesthetic marbleized effect. The retrofitted front drum brake, the sweeping valance header pipe stemming from the freshly rebuilt 400 F motor, the infamously sought after 400 F tank, the handmade steel seat coupled with brown leather upholstery, and the stainless wheel spokes all create a series of warm finishes that give this bike an extremely unique appeal. As the original Burnt Nickel currently resides in Australia, the Burnt Nickel II is destined for Vancouver, Canada – both examples of Kott Motorcycles’ worldwide presence. Continue reading →

Mar 14

A legend celebrates its birthday / Skoda 1000 MB turns 50


The Skoda 1000 MB is now 50 years old. As the first Skoda with rear wheel drive, a rear engine and unibody construction, the 1000 MB is a milestone in the company’s nearly 119-year history. In its heyday, the four-door model was one of the best vehicles in the one-litre class and set new standards in terms of comfort, performance and technology. It was one of the most advanced vehicles of its time. Developed under the internal name NOV, Skoda engineers opted for a completely new vehicle concept with a rear engine, rear-wheel drive, independent suspension and unibody construction. In developing the 988cc engine, Skoda was the first European car manufacturer to utilize aluminium die-casting in engine block production. The four-speed gearbox case was also produced using this construction method. The water-cooled OHV four-cylinder engine, located behind the rear axle, delivered 37hp.

Mar 14

The Island Classic / Phillip Island 2014

Some rough cut footage from The Classic.

Mar 14

Mondial Motorcycle Lamp


This cleverly constructed lamp is made from the left-side crankcase of a 1954 Mondial Sport 160, the right camshaft from a 1971 Alfa Romeo Giulia and the base is the helical gear from a 1990 Suzuki Samurai. All of the electrical components were handmade by Claudio Maffi, who also does custom motorcycles through his garage V Motorcycles. Order it here. A few more images below. Continue reading →

Mar 14

Cool custom Chevy 3100 / RK Motors


Trucks sell well, fact. Whether it’s because of simple nostalgia or their long list of extremely useful design virtues, one thing is certain – trucks never go out of style. That means if you’re in the market for a collector vehicle that’s guaranteed to hold its appeal for a very long time, you just can’t go wrong with this classic Chevy from RK Motors. Featuring a vintage Thriftmaster motor, a liquid smooth body and a fully restored, original-style interior, this slick Task Force combines rock-solid drivability with awesome 50s style! Continue reading →

Mar 14

Ex-Giorgio Schön ’74 Porsche 3.0 Carrera RSR


This beautiful green 1974 Porsche 3.0 Carrera RSR is one of only 54 genuine examples built by the Porsche factory racing department during 1974 and 1975 intended specifically for Group 4 motorsport purposes. Chassis # 911 460 9074 was purchased new in partnership by Giorgio Schön and his friend and co-driver Giovanni Borri of Italy, for the 1974 World Manufacturers’ Championship. The car was painted the night that it arrived from Stuttgart and raced the next day at Monza in practice for the 1000 kms, where it achieved fastest time in the GT Class. Continue reading →

Feb 14

Daily Inspiration