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Aug 13

Scary motorcycle crash caught on dashcam

We all know that Russia is full of dash cams. This is one of the scariest motorcycle crashes we ever got a chance to watch, and the only reason we’re posting it is that both rider and passenger escaped with their lives! Stay safe out there, and wear the protective stuff at all times!!!

Jul 13

LMAO / Michael Schumacher Bike Crash


Crashed Ducati Motorcycle – 10 000$
Damaged leather, boots and gloves – 3 000$
Expression on Michael Schumacher’s face – Priceless!!!

Captions please :)

Jul 13

Nice day for a ride!? Stay safe out there…


It’s a nice day for a ride and you packed everything as you would, setting the GoPro to record. The scenery is beautiful and everything is almost like in a dream. That’s probably the repeating set-up for most of the motorcycle crashes happening around the world. Stay safe out there… Continue reading →

Jun 13

Marc Marquez Assen crash Assen 2013 / Scary…


MotoGP Riders = Superhumans! 2013 Iveco TT Assen MotoGP, damp track, slick tires, Ramshoek corner, high speed, highside…broken finger…

Jun 13

Skinny Pan by Sunrise Cycles


The two wheel beauty comes in various shapes and forms. Although we like a nice 320mm dual front disc setup with some golden Ohlins inverted forks, carbon fiber frames and subframes and race tires – we can’t deny a whole different world behind the rigid frames, foot cluthes, suicide shifters, no front brakes and various shovelheads and panheads. The Skinny Pan is from that world. A vehicle of choice for tough guys and disco stars. It’s narrow, handmade and stunningly beautiful, built by the LA based workshop called Sunrise Cycles. Continue reading →

May 13

Video / Scooter Fail

And we thought only car drivers were crazy. This guy, somewhere in China, crashes his scooter multiple times before driving and falling into a hole. Apparently, he wasn’t seriously injured, but he defo needs to get his head checked!

Mar 13

Video / Motorcycle crashes / Kinda stupid

Well, not life-threatening mishaps or the ‘Top 11′ crashes in the world, but look at ‘em from the lighter side, and they’re pretty funny, while some are downright stupid. As the uploader mentions, the third video takes the cake. What do you think?

Feb 13

Video / Cool RZR action and rollovers / Dubai1RZR

Epic jumps in RZR ATVs in the deserts of Dubai. Oh, and a few cool jumps and rollovers as well for good measure. Looks like awesome fun!

Jan 13

Documentary / TT Legends / ITV4 / 4th Feb


TT Legends is a new eight-part documentary, to be broadcast on British television station ITV4, following a team of legendary motorcycle racers throughout the 2012 season. Gaucho Productions was granted exclusive access to the Honda TT Legends team as they took on some of the world’s toughest ’bike races. From Japan to Germany and from Le Mans to the Isle of Man, the documentary follows these ordinary men doing extraordinary things. Continue reading →

Jan 13

Accidents / Video / Reverse Slow-Mo

Accidents, whether on feet or on machines, are not a pleasant thing. There are a good number of nasty videos on the interwebs; but this one, by YouTube user rnickeymouse, is a different take on the theme. Reverse slow-mo people? Watch it and let us know. Ride safe in the meantime.