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Aug 13

Watch Spiderman do 0-232mph in less then 6 seconds

We didn’t lie, didn’t we!? Larry “Spiderman” McBride did an incredible 5.830 at 232.75 miles per hour during the historic final round of the Top Fuel Nitro Methane Injected Bikes (you gotta love the class description). Talking about brass balls…

Mar 13

World Record broken at Yas Drag Strip!

Mishari Al Turki sets new fastest time on Super Street Bike

Mishari Al Turki sets new fastest time on Super Street Bike

Crowds of spectators witnessed history at Yas Drag Strip on Friday as Mishari Al Turki set a new world record for the fastest time ever on a Super Street Bike. In the finals of Round Two of Pro Drag Racing at Yas Drag Strip, the Saudi Arabian speedster set a new fastest time of 4.358 seconds, eclipsing the previous record of 4.380. Continue reading →

Feb 13

Photo of the Day / Russ Collins

Some epic cool-ness right there! Drag racing legend Russ Collins on his Honda back in the day.

Some epic cool-ness right there! Drag racing legend Russ Collins on his Honda back in the day.

Aug 12

Super Twin Nitro Bike Explosion in Slow-Mo

Photo: Carina Dahl

We don’t have to tell you something you already know – that the motorcycle drag riders are by far the people with biggest “cojones” (which sometimes correlate to the grey mass of equal size…but not always :)). Who in their right minds would sit on a Nitro Charged Super Twin Top Fuel Drag bike producing 700+hp, wearing nothing else that a leather suit and titanium vest? We know we wouldn’t. And if that is not enough – it’s not only to sit and WOT, you need to know how to ride this “things”, otherwise they might explode on you…literally! Continue reading →

Apr 12

Ducati Diavel vs. Yamaha V-Max / Drag Race

Drag racing is pretty pointless when it comes to motorcycles, yet a lot of people and sometimes even factories are using it all the time as their bragging right. Remember the ZX-14 vs. Hayabusa? Or ZX-10R vs. S1000RR??? Although we dislike the fact that someone “smoked” someone else on the strip, we thoroughly enjoyed the Super Wheels’ video where they put the Ducati’s “mental” Diavel against Yamaha’s “insane” VMax. You probably ask why? Because even if the feat alone opened a whole-new-can-of-worms for endless internet debates, they weren’t trying to prove any points here – they just had as much as fun possible with two amazing bikes, a tree light and a piece of deserted runway. Simply brilliant….but who won?!? Continue reading →

Feb 12

“Mele” – Introduced to you by DP Customs

We’ve got accustomed to DPC motorcycles being raw, clean in detail and mechanically honest, but with their latest build it’s obvious they’ve stepped it up a notch. The latest custom 1979 Ironhead Sportster dubbed “Mele”, was build for Perry Mele (hence the name) and it represents a combination of a cafe racer and a vintage dragster. Now the devil is in the details, right? Well check out the details on this hand-build bad-boy – from the white powder-coated wheels, racing tires, DPC logo on a custom 2-1-2 X-Pipe exhaust to the sick orange paint with the contemporary Mele graphics. Sweet! Continue reading →

Dec 11

2012 Yamaha VMAX in Matt Black

If you think that new 2012 Yamaha VMAX is kinda soft looking with current color choices that this is the thing for you. From now on you would be able to pick your favorite JDM muscle bike in Matt Black as well, probably the best color to complement the raw nature of this bike. Just to remind ourselves – it’s 200hp. Two-double-”O”. Continue reading →

Feb 11

T.C. Christensen / “Hogslayer”

1975 Beech Bend Park , Ky.  T.C. Christensen Top Fuel “Double Norton” vs. Bob Mauriello Double Triumph Top Fuel. In this era of  multi Engine Fuelers T.C. had won almost every race he entered the two previous seasons.

Motorcycle Hall of Fame Tom Christenson twin engined Norton top fuel drag bike named the Hogslayer. With 300 plus HP this bike ruled the drag strip in the early 70′s running mid-7′s at 180 mph. This was the bike to beat until the supercharged single engined Japanese drag bikes started showing up at the drag strips in the mid 70′s.  Continue reading →

Dec 10

Onboard Top Fuel Drag Bike Video

We knew that drag bikes are fast. Stupid fast, to be exact. But, till now, we didn’t have the opportunity to see it from the riders seat. That is why we bring you this absolutely amazing video of Korry Hogan hitting 5.89s at 240mph on a quarter mile drag. The pure rush of speed that follows is shocking. Check the video after the jump. Continue reading →