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Mar 14

Shark shows off new Vision-R Series 2 helmets


Designed with touring riders in mind, the Vision-R Series 2 helmet sits in Shark’s Discovery division. Taking features from the original Vision-R, the Series 2 has received some upgrades to make it even better. Continue reading →

Mar 14

Daily Inspiration / Twist the throttle and just ride


Mar 14

Randy Grubb’s Garage 4 / The Deco Helmet

Randy Grubb designed the Deco Helmet to match the Art Deco style of his unique streamlined Decopod and Decoson motorcycles. In Episode 4 of Randy Grubb’s Garage, he reveals all of his metal fabrication techniques step-by-step, including the five basics of working with metals: cutting, bending, joining, shrinking, and stretching. The Salvador Dalí of automotive art, Randy Grubb created Jay Leno’s Tank Car, the Indy Special, the B-702, Piss’d Off Pete, the Decoliner, and most recently, the Decopod and Decoson Art Deco motorcycles. The helmet made in this video is Deco Helmet #2 and belongs to Dave Johnston of American Retro in Dinuba, California.

Feb 14

Custom Helmets / The 1 Moto

Jacob Redmond left

Cool lids drawn up by various talented artists at Scroll down for more images. Continue reading →

Feb 14

Meet Jack / Culling the weak since 1790


Want to scare children at high speeds? So do we. But we also want to live another day. That is why the guys at Headless Helmets build a unique, durable, three-dimensional layer on a lightweight, comfortable Shoei road helmet. Each helmet is hand painted and finished with a top-grade UV clear coat. The process maintains aerodynamics and adds no more than a pound of weight. Vents and visor are completely functional. More images below. Continue reading →

Jan 14

Premier Trophy Helmet / Chequered White


Billed as the first fully ECE homologated (both helmet and visor) truly retro full face helmet, the Premier Trophy is a replica of the shape of the original Premier helmet from the 1970’s as used by Phil Read, but made from modern materials. Premier have managed to retain a compact shell size in keeping with the original 70’s helmet without compromising safety. There are no vents and the visor is retained by two screws and friction plates, when closed it is secured by press studs – again in keeping with the original. The visor will not seal like a modern visor, the helmet is trying to stay true to the style of the original rather than provide a host of modern technical features.

Dec 13

Airframe Sauvetage Helmet / ICON 1000


Some of you might not be able to stand it, but then that is the whole point of ICON 1000′s Sauvetage full-coverage leopard print helmet, wrapped over a raw finished shell. The Serengeti stance is complemented with a toothy fish grin and the result is a graphic faux pas fit for only the bravest hunters. You like? Continue reading →

Dec 13

Arai RX-7 GP Isle of Man 2014 Design

arai-rx-7-gp-iom-tt-2014 2

Japanese helmet manufacturer Arai, the Official Isle of Man TT Races Helmet partner, has launched its annual TT races-themed helmet. To underline its special partnership with the Isle of Man and the TT Races, Arai introduces a special design – the ‘RX-7 GP IOMTT ‘14′ that will be produced in a limited production run. It is based on the race-ready RX-7 GP model but Aldo Drudi, under his signature “D-Perf”, has created a stunning design for this version. The top Italian designer has again created his own inimitable identity for the Arai RX-7 GP helmet and this year’s offering features the famously evocative words ‘Ellan Vannin’ (the Manx name for the Isle of Man), the three legged triskelion logo, the map of the famous mountain course and also comes with the official TT logo, identifying authentic products. The company will be providing its well-established race service to the race paddock, which includes helmet servicing and replacement throughout the race fortnight. They will also provide helmets to the Travelling Marshals who operate on the Mountain Course during the qualifying sessions and races. Continue reading →

Dec 13

For The Love Of Lids / Harley-Davidson Helmets

Harley-Davidson Australia has teamed up with Australia’s edgiest artists to create a unique collection of customised Vintage Bar & Shield helmets. Watch as the artists take us through their inspiration ahead of the ‘For the Love of Lids’ exhibition, which was held at Mary’s Newtown, Sydney from 20-30 November 2013.

Nov 13

Lifestyle / Indigo 180 Degree Visor


The new Indigo 180° Visor is the first universal visor solution for snow sports helmets. Due to it´s frameless oversize design, the visor ensures a wider field of vision, giving you a safe 180° panorama. The innovative goggles are the ultimate solution for spectacle wearers as they can easily be worn over optical glasses. Check out the video. Continue reading →