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Apr 14

Daily Inspiration / Classic Vespa B/W


Apr 14

Photo of the Day / Crazy pink scooter


Dec 13

Photo of the Day / Suited badass on a scooter


Dec 13

The Vespa Primavera is back!

At the Paris Salon de la Moto, open from 3 to 8 December, the new Vespa Primavera made its French debut. Unveiled a month ago at the world press at the Milan 2013 EICMA show, the Vespa Primavera is now being marketed all over Europe and – following a presentation in Hanoi – in Vietnam and Asian countries as well.

Nov 13

Quadrophenia takes centre stage at NEC Classic Bike Show


A scooter from iconic film Quadrophenia took centre stage at last weekend’s Classic Bike Show at the NEC, Birmingham. The scooter, an LI150 dating back to 1963, was showcased on the Footman James stand and was an instant attraction for motorcycle and scooter lovers. Continue reading →

Nov 13

Vectric shows the new VT-1 Electric Scooter

Vectrix VT-1_PR

Massachusetts, USA-based Vectrix has revealed its new VT-1 electric scooter with an innovative new design, interchangeable and scaleable Lithium batteries and a patented Planetary Gear Drive system.

“The Vectrix VT-1 is remarkable by design,” said Brian Buccella, president of Vectrix. “The craftsmanship the Vectrix engineers put into this new revolutionary scooter is inspiring. The VT-1 will captivate the consumer and expand the experience electric freedom can bring.” Continue reading →

Aug 13

Photo of the Day / RING A DING DING

Awesome shot from Deus America's two stroke festival, RING A DING DING.

Awesome shot from Deus America’s two stroke festival, RING A DING DING.

“The parking lot at The Emporium of Postmodern Activities is, for the most part, a civilized place; an evolved tarmac where mannerly citizens maneuver their EPA compliant vehicles in an orderly, adult fashion. It’s a peaceful strip of asphalt. Sometimes, though, shit gets out of hand. Well, sort of. Not really. What we’re talking about here is Ring A Ding Ding, the two stroke love-in we threw last weekend that transformed our otherwise genteel back lot into an oil and gas breathing attack on the senses. Over fifty motorcycles were on display, each displaying their unique bits of personality when their owners started them up. The resulting choir of smoke and sound that filled the air was all too fitting for the Fourth of July weekend. Firing up a two-stroke motorcycle is like lighting fireworks. The crackle of the engine sounds like fireworks, the smoke pouring out of the exhaust looks like fireworks. The whole thing just feels like you’re breaking a bunch of rules, like it can blow up in your face at any moment. It’s that uneasiness you feel when you’re not quite sure if your neighbors are going to call the cops. It’s awesome” Continue reading →

Aug 13

Scary motorcycle crash caught on dashcam

We all know that Russia is full of dash cams. This is one of the scariest motorcycle crashes we ever got a chance to watch, and the only reason we’re posting it is that both rider and passenger escaped with their lives! Stay safe out there, and wear the protective stuff at all times!!!

Jul 13

BMW C 600 DTM Motorsport Edition


This is actually pretty cool…if you’re in Germany/Europe that is. BMW released a special Motorsport Edition of their popular C600 Maxi Scooter, an exclusive small production model in two variants showing BMW’s commitment to DTM racing. But that’s not all. Beside cool black or white together with some M stripes, your getting a chance to actively participate in one of the DTM spectacles. Continue reading →

May 13

Skramble / KUSTOMKOSTUM #1