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Jan 14

Ural Gaucho Rambler Limited Edition / Nothing to do but go


With nothing more than their horse, a knife and a poncho, the cowboys of the Americas rambled through the country, living off the land, taking each day as it came, and always on a journey towards the sunset. The rebel spirit of the cowboy is very much in the character of each Ural. Taking on the road, with no specific goal in mind is something every rider longs for. Continue reading →

Jul 13

Balrog / Hellmark Industries


Balrog is a classical bobber based on 4KW electrical engine. Originally designed as Ural, a heavy soviet motorcycle from the early 1970s, it was redesigned to fit contemporary environment with a nice taste of vintage design. Apparently, the motor is claimed to take the bike up to 140km/h, and that too in eerie silence. The Simple user interface design is focussed on the average user, whose riding skills could be even zero (applies to a lot of guys out there). If the blood red colour is too menacing and gets you scared, don’t worry, it’s an automatic shifter as well. Continue reading →

Mar 13

Quarter Master / 2012 Ural Solo sT / ICON 1000


The Quarter Master is a URAL x ICON collaborative project designed to increase the long distance off-road capacity of the URAL Solo. Devoid of the sidecar found on most URALs, the Quarter Master was a single-track beast of burden. Extensive frame modifications, including an oversized backbone, braced headstock, and high clearance subframe, differentiated the Quartermaster from her stable mates. Reinforced swingarm, long-travel suspension, and knobbed tires provided a surefooted stance when the road ended. Continue reading →

Dec 12

Custom / DP Customs Mele

These days, you can buy run-of-the-mill custom stuff from your corner showroom, but we’re guessing it ain’t going to be something as awesome as this; the DP Customs Mele Motorcycle. The hand-built lightweight bike gets a 1000cc Ironhead motor that belts out 75hp, along with a stretched frame, clip-on handlebars, custom x-pipe exhaust, powdercoated wheels wrapped in Pirelli rubber, a three-piece rear wing, and a bright orange paint job. Continue reading →

Dec 12

New / Limited Edition 2012 Ural Yamal

IMZ-Ural, Russian manufacturer of heavy sidecar motorcycles has always been a strange one. Now they have come up with a limited edition model, the Yamal, named after a rugged and heavy Russian icebreaker that spends time, well, breaking ice in the frozen Arctic ocean. Yamal is also a perpetually frozen Russian peninsula renowned for being barren and inhospitable. Continue reading →

Mar 11

Custom Ural 650 Racer by Saint Motor Company

Jeff Yarington of Saint Motor Company aimed to make a sleekest and sexiest custom Ural motorcycle ever. We think he might just did it! As almost with every Ural, this particular one is full of neat stories, further adding to the value of owning these bikes.It was purchased new in Moscow 17 years ago and it had 250km before it was shipped back to US. With all the spare parts already purchased by the owner (new carbs, tires and pistons) the whole bike was resembled, and fired up in 3rd or 4th kick. Then it starter smoking. Continue reading →

Feb 11

Ural sT by Hammarhead / Solo X

Some time ago we were writing about Hammarhead Industries and their Jack Pine custom Triumph Scrambler motorcycle. This time they have a new super-cool custom, now with Russian origins. Based on Ural sT model, this bike presented a bit of a challenge – funny enough there wasn’t any plastic parts to remove from it – Urals are really made out of metal. Anyway James Loughead, Ph.D and Assistant Professor of Neuropsychology at Penn University stripped the bike even further. Continue reading →