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May 13

WTF of the Day / Quantum Leap


Built by Eddie Meeks of EAM Studios, Greensboro, NC, the Quantum Leap is less a motorcycle than a proclamation from its creator. The 13″-wide fixed front wheel gets engine power, while the thinner rear wheel handles the steering. Because the front wheel does not turn, Eddie was able to extend the sexy bodywork, which rides atop the tubular frame housing a Patrick Racing V-Twin and shiny handmade components, including a kickstand sculpted from copper-plated steel. Continue reading →

May 13

WTF of the Day / Hummer Scooter

Just when you thought you had seen it all.

Just when you thought you had seen it all.

Apr 13

WTF of the Day / Medieval Dude on a Bicycle

Anyone has any idea what this is?

Anyone has any idea what this is?

Apr 13

WTF of the Day / Camel Cycle

Looks legit...

Looks legit…

Apr 13

WTF of the Day / Predasaurus


Predasaurus was a five year project conceived by Troy Kyne of Greeley Co. Troy came to True Kustom in November 2009 to have the final finishing work done. First thing first was to get the idea of what Troy wanted to do. His platform was the bike was to be a monster, not just have pictures of monsters on it. True Kustom referenced Alien, Predator and various reptiles to build what has turned out to be a show stopper. What d’ya think?

Apr 13

WTF of the Day / The Biker / Toby Cypress


The Biker by Toby Cypress.

Mar 13

WTF / Wait, that’s a Porsche concept?


Porsche’s AMK concept motorcycle was unveiled in 1978. The rider is wearing a weird Ghillie Suit that looks appropriate for a Mardi-gras party.

Feb 13

WTF / Motorized Monocycle

moto mono

The Motorized Monocycle is a vehicle design that’s been tossed around by nonconformist engineers since its inception in 1869, this is the first time that a company has been founded to produce and sell actual, functioning monocycles. Made in the Netherlands, each one is capable of reaching a top speed of 25mph and is powered by a humble 31cc, 4-stroke 1 1/2-hp engine. It uses a centrifugal clutch on its inner wheel and has a rubber tyre around the outer wheel, steering is accomplished by leaning the wheel left or right and the brake is essentially a clamp on the inner steel wheel. Apparently, it retails for around USD 13,000 and you can pick one up via Hammacher Schlemmer.

Dec 12

WTF of the Day / Dolmette Chainsaw Motorcycle


This is what happens when a chainsaw-maker builds a motorcycle! The Dolmette Chainsaw is powered by 24, erm, chainsaw engines, amd belts out 168hp and horsepower and 130Nm of torque. Over 12 feet long and tipping the scales at around 300kg, the bike’s engines are pull-started just like a chainsaw and the entire assembly is connected to a 5-speed Harley Davidson transmission. Too bad I’ll have to wait till next Christmas to ask Santa. Continue reading →

Dec 12

WTF of the Day / 1937 Mercier half-track prototype


Stumbled across this 1937 Mercier prototype half-track built for the French army. Seems the 350cc contraption featured front-wheel drive, but like most weird half-track designs, it neither offered the speed and maneuverability of motorcycles nor the true off-road ability of a real tank. No wonder it remains a one-off. And sorry, that’s about as big an image I could find of the thing.