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Caution!!! Yellow Goldwings on the road

There is a road in US called Deals Gap. And there is a motorcycle apparently called Honda GoldWing. With it’s weight of around 400kg in full trim, it is powered by 1800cc six-cylinder boxer engine. And then – there is a guy by the name of “Yellow Wolf” that does nothing else but rides the Deals Gap…on his 400kg yellow Honda Goldwing. Bet him $100 and try to pull away from him riding any bike you like. He will even film you trying. No body got his $100 hehe…check out the video after the jump!

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  1. Man, this is way old…

  2. It is, but it’s goood!

  3. wow!! i wonder if my dad is that fast on his Aspincade, i doubt it…

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