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“Christine” Street Rat Honda VTR1000F 1998

red chain on this machine = drooool

If it wasn’t for Tyler Mills, this beautiful custom motorcycle based on 1998 Honda VTR1000F would never see the light of day. He was probably the only person who saw a special potential in this “vintage” machine and immediately set off to work. The basic philosophy behind the build was very simple – Tyler divided things into necessary and unnecessary for normal operation – so the “unnecessary” tank, fairing, seat, headlight and many other details were taken off!

The bike levitate between the rat bike and work of modern art, and believe it or not it has the power to “kill” it’s own rider – hence the name “Christine”. After Tyler changed the original battery with a lightweight Shorai Li-Ion, the voltage regulator burned causing the battery to burst into flames…right between the riders legs :)).

The creative process of removing the “unnecessary” led to the 18kg reduced weight, while a small NOS bottle is good for 20+HP on the press of the red button. A true “Christina”, isn’t it?


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  1. Rob Ueberfeldt

    That’s wild not mild

  2. Original does not equal beautiful.

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