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Crazy Buell Supermoto by TPJ Customs

Now this is something very refreshing. A special Custom Buell SuperMoto by TPJ Customs, and no, it’s not your usual custom bike seen every now and then, but the real deal, the idea, the engineering, the execution…the whole lot! Huge Buell V-Twin engine is fitted into the purpose build mini-frame, the “box” section swing arm is handmade plus it hides the battery, the rear fender act as the oil reservoir…yes, it’s that crazy and that beautiful. We can only cover our ears when we see the custom “straight” exhaust sneaking from the cylinder heads.

Bryan Schimke, sir, you made a thing of beauty. Congratulations!
Bikers Cafe Crew

Source: Youtube and TPJ Customs

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1 comment

  1. Awesome bike,nic stance,love the pipes….now im going to have to tear apart a Buell that been sittingin my shop…thanks for the idea,

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