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Custom / 1930 Henderson / Frank Westfall


Henderson produced four-cylinder motorcycles from 1912 until 1931 and, at that time, were the largest and fastest motorcycles, finding favour with sport riders and police departments. The latter favoured them for traffic patrol because they were faster than anything on the roads. The company began during the golden age of motorcycling, and ended during the Great Depression.

But this one’s special; based on a 1930 K.J Henderson with an inline-4 air-cooled motor, this custom is one of the most jaw-dropping art deco motorcycles we’ve ever laid our eyes on, with curvy custom bodywork that would have impressed even legendary coachbuilders of yore.

Frank Westfall from Syracuse, NY owns it, and apparently even restored the bike himself. Amazing job as we can see, and his first outing on the bike was to the Rhinebeck Grand National Meet in 2010 where it, rather predictably, blew the minds of everyone who saw it. While the bike originally sported a two-tone paint scheme, Frank gave it a new monotone paint that lets the bodywork speak for itself.

Via Silodrome

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  1. That is so cool…….I must get one

  2. Hi!
    This bike is just the most beutiful bike I ever seen. My heart stopped when I saw it for the first time.
    I will try to build a similar beuty and want to ask you if you have any measurements or blueprints to sell?

    Lars Tilly

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