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Custom Honda Monkey – almost “too cool”

“I’m not a fan of traditional styled scooters but I just saw the ruckus and others who have some cool styling and after I get a real bike, I may get a scoot to mess around with.”

If you ever thought this way – then Honda Monkey is the thing for you. Almost “too cool” they are a huge hit in Japan and UK. Big market for performance and visual parts makes Honda Monkey a perfect choice for that no-so-ordinary-scooter. Just imagine yourself blazing through streets of your town – getting milk in your local grocery store. Wow, so cool… check out more cool Monkey’s

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  1. Now that catches my eye. As a young Motorcycle Technician, that is something I find interest in makeing & blasting around the block on. Ha! Between cafe/bobber style customs & mini’s, I plan on fabricating my own; however, it’ll be fun trying to beat this little beast.

  2. hey, do you know if i can buy this bike ?
    i like this one so much ! can you pleas
    repeat me ?
    greeetz finn !!!!

  3. Hi Finn, I guess Honda’s Z series bikes are out of production now, but they’re planning a new one. Check it out here –

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