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Deus W650 Bloodnok

To be honest I didn’t know why Deus called their latest 2005 W650 the ‘Bloodnok’. So I googled it. It turns out it was the name of a fictional character from the 1950s BBC Radio comedy called ‘The Goon Show’. The character was voiced by Peter Sellers and the characterture on the modified Wellington peanut tank is of Major Bloodnok. It may not be the most original Deus build, probably taking some inspiration from Bratstyle, but there’s no denying it looks the business. To read the spec list and to see more pics of this super clean Kawasaki W650 check out this gallery. Alternatively, if you are interested in hearing the 1950′s radio show it was named after, you can listen to it here.

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  1. wow and yay man this bike is the best looking thing on the planet…..
    harleys are dead in the water… period
    deus ex machina for ever

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