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Erik Buell Racing 1190 Typhon by the Pegasus Race Team

Although this looks like Buell motorcycle, it actually isn’t. As you know, Buell is no more – and the whole original brand is transformed into EBR (Eric Buell Racing). Now EBR is dedicated to continue Buell’s footsteps but for now, they only create racing motorcycles. Models like 1125R, 1125RR and 1190RR. Now, Pegasus Racing Team is the only non-American racing team that races EBR bikes, and win. They win a lot. So what do they do? ‘Cus they are so close with EBR – they get a go-ahead from Eric Buell himself to create a road bike / streetfighter based on 1190RR racing bike. And that’s how you get Typhon 1190 Streetfighter concept. Confused? Yes, we were as well.
”Our idea was with our years of experience in Buell racing to concept the ultimate Streetfighter with outstanding performance and a unique design,” said Team Manager Jens Krüper. ”To combinate a cool minimized look with real good aerodynamics is a real challenge, especially if something is so powerful as that EBR Superbike,” said Heiko Jessat of Gruner Engineering, the company that technically assisted PRT with the design for the Typhon.
Main inspiration is from the lines of the Buell XB, with some parts from the soon-to-be-released EBR 1190RS superbike. And oh-yes –  185hp!!!

This model is to represent things to come later down the road for EBR, and maybe a full street only model!

“EBR is working intensely right now on getting the new 1190RS Superbike model ready for production, which is consuming all our resources,” said Erik Buell. “We had been talking with our friends at Pegasus about our plans for a streetfighter model that would follow the 1190RS, and mentioning we could not work on it at this time, Pegasus asked if they could build a concept model to show, so we sent many CAD models over for them and our friends at Gruner to use to speed up the design process. They did a great job in a very short time!”

Source: Asphalt&Rubber
Pictures: Sabine Welte

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  1. That is the most beautiful bike ever with power and handling to go with it. What would cost be for one of those if it ever came out?

  2. I really apreciate Mr.ERICK BUELL for above bike such innovations should come in productions and do include india in ur dealerships,believe me there is mkt.


  3. Wow, Erick Buell hits it out of the ball park again. His innovation is amazing, what was HD thinking?

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