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Honda CB750 Steel Bent Customs Cafe Racer

This small Honda CB750 cafe racer looks like one of the best projects to come out of Steel Bent Customs. The masters at SBC have done away with all the unnecessary bits and pieces, instead choosing to retain only the most necessary parts, the frame and engine.

This particular example, based on a 1981 model, was concocted at the request of a customer, who is in Afghanistan currently and is scheduled to return home in February 2013. «Steel Bent Customs» has completed the assigned task way before deadline, which means the bike is waiting for a happy owner.

The task was to build a bike, painted black, with spoke wheels and fuel tank, in the style of the «Manx».

Other features:
• Acewell digital instrument cluster
• All electrics under the tank
• LED lights
• Low-profile saddle

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  1. Great job!

  2. love the bike, my only critique or question is why they didn’t cut down the fork boots. they look so squished. besides that (which is purely esthetic) the bike is a thing of beauty. great work!

  3. Well, what do you think about this thing:

    This beauty was crafted by a Swedish wrench monkey. It’s now on sale :)

  4. I love the tank, but HATE that seat.

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