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Lexus F Sport Road Bike / A Tribute to Supreme Craftsmanship

Lexus Bike 1

Bike enthusiasts will have the chance to witness and experience Lexus’ commitment to the quest for perfection and optimal performance across the region with the display of the ultra-exclusive Lexus F Sport Road Bike which was created to mark the end of the 500-unit production run of the LFA supercar.

Lexus has developed this advanced F SPORT Road Bike with the same CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) used in the supercar body. With only 100 units produced, this bike incorporates the philosophy of the LFA through a spectacular design that embodies the supreme craftsmanship, progressive styling, and advanced technologies that is synonymous with the Lexus brand. Out of the 100 bikes, 50 were made in Pearl White colour with the remaining 50 bikes made in a Black colour.

According to Nobuyuki Negishi, Chief Representative of Middle East & North Africa Representative Office, Toyota Motor Corporation, “The quest for perfection is embodied in every Lexus product and the F SPORT road bike symbolizes that very ideal. With advanced carbon fiber components, lightweight shifters and a high-tech braking system developed for outstanding performance, these limited edition bikes have been constructed by Lexus Takumi, skilled craftsmen who create the highest-quality products. Thus we have succeeded in creating a bike which demonstrates not only speed, but also the ultimate performance and riding feel.”

The Lexus F Sport Road Bike is equipped with a 22-speed shifting mechanism that uses a leading-edge electric control system, which enables the rider to shift gears easily. Moreover, the braking system provides an excellent braking feel which really takes riding to the next level. In order to ensure the highest level of Lexus quality through premium parts and materials, the F Sport Road Bike was produced in the same workshop which created the LFA. In particular, the frame paintwork is polished to LFA standards, pursuing a quality finish far superior to normal industry standards.

According to Mr. Tsukasa Yoshimoto, Japan’s leading bicycle writer, “The Lexus F SPORT frame design was based on comfort geometry, which focuses on reducing fatigue, and makes full use of the excellent flexibility and vibration damping characteristics of the carbon material. The moderate smoothness of the pedaling feel, which is the core of riding performance, feels great and enables the rider to use less leg strength when riding. Additionally, the excellent ride comfort helps to reduce the fatigue that tends to build up in the later stages of a long ride. The Dura-Ace Di2 enables the rider to shift easily and freely for virtually stress-free operation. Furthermore, F SPORT pursues true riding comfort, enabling the rider to really enjoy the speed and exhilaration of a road bike.”

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  1. Any idea how much this bicycle will cost?

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