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Lifestyle / Damascus Steel Pocket Knife


Not exactly biker stuff, but this could come in handy when you’re out in the wilds. Or it could make an epic family heirloom. Damascus steel is a type of steel that was used in South Asian and Middle Eastern swordmaking with a recorded history as far back as 300BC. Essentially created by folding layer after layer of steel, the blades have distinctive patterns of banding and mottling reminiscent of flowing water. They weere reputed to be tough, resistant to shattering and capable of being honed to a sharp, resilient edge.

The pocket knife you see here is made using high-grade Swedish rose stainless damascus steel coupled with carbon fibre in the handle. Each French-made knife is 6 7/8″ open and 4 1/8″ folded.

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  1. A $500 pocket knife. I’ll be sure to put that on my shopping list.

  2. Small and not too heavy, this tool includes more or less everything you will need when on a camping, hiking or fishing trip.
    Each knife is manufactured by a different world-class Japanese knifemaker and
    the prices generally run from $120 to $170.
    You can buy individual knives else you can buy a complete set.

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