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Ludovic Lazareth’s Hyper-modified VMAX

Yamaha did something extraordinary – they chose the best motorcycle builders in the world and let them hyper-modifie the latest VMAX. A lot of imagination, work and sweat went into the transformations, making the iconic bike into something more individual. Ludovic Lazareth was one of the bike builders, well known for his crazy creations like V8 powered Austin MINI pick-up’s (yes!) and various three and four wheel vehicles.

His small factory in Annecy-le-Vieux, near the Swiss border, chose to beef-up already muscle VMAX to the point where the bike looks like it just came from future. Sharp lines and tons of custom one-off parts b;lend into one of the best looking Yamaha’s ever. The only thing left to see is if Yamaha would start producing those parts.

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  2. Yamaha will not produce these parts but Lazareth offers a limited edition of it!!

  3. combien sa coute $ une hyper modif sur V-max

  4. Hi tune24,

    Good guess! I’m french. I reply in English though to make it understandable for everyone.

    I am working on secondment for Lazareth in Dubai and will be more than happy to assist you if you have any request. 0505452567

    Lazareth offers a limited edition of the Lazareth V-Max Hyper-Modified for 9200€ excl. tax. This is actually the price for the modification of an existing V-Max provided by the customer (then we are sure it is road legal wherever you are).

    The original Lazareth V-Max Hypermodified N°01 is currently travelling the world for exhibitions and will be for sale very soon. The price is not yet revealed but it will come along with a very exclusive package. I’ll keep you posted if you want.


  5. its realy superb yamaha should realize this model

  6. would like updates on availability if possible. modified version is extremely good. compliments to the creator.

  7. Hi,

    I’m not in Dubai anymore but you can still contact me at

    Also, I would like to inform you that we have just got back the VMax Hypermodified N°001. It had been travelling all around Europe with Yamaha Motor for the last 9 months and we finally get it back. We now put it on sale with an exclusive offer including a unique watch “VMax Hypermodified N°001″, an invitation to visit the Lazareth workshop in France, a ceremony in France with Lazareth and Yamaha, a certificate of authenticity cosigned by Yamaha and Lazareth, etc.

    None of the 20 VMax Hypermodified has yet been sold in the Middle East so that would definitely be a very unique ownership.

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