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Monster CR500 AF Supermotard

If you would to park this bike next to a brand new 2012 Ducati 1199 Panigale and let the real motorcycle enthusiasts walk around, we are 100% sure that nobody would even look at the Duc. Why? Because this monster carbon fiber Honda CR500 Two Stroke Supermotard is beyond cool. It’s mental, brilliant and stunningly beautiful – with the kind of details that factory bike would never come close to. Just to think of a sound it produces through those gorgeous Akrapovic pipes make our back hair stand up. “F**k” and “unreal” mixed into one…sigh

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  1. Cool!
    I’ve seen the build phases on the builder’s blog a few months ago…
    I think he called it Black Diamond…
    One thing I’d change is the expansion: titanium segments with weld seams would look great!
    Well, I’d choose Alpina Carbon Matrix spoke wheels as well…
    Something that I don’t really get (more weight, no performance gain at its best) is the 4-stroke exhaust… I know it looks better, but come on, it’s a 2-stroke!

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