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Motoped / Motorised Downhill Mountain Bike


Did you hear about Motoped before? We didn’t either. Apparently it’s the perfect mix between a mountain bike and a moped.

The frame is custom built and all you need to do is to insert an engine of your choice ranging from 50cc to 150cc. Swing arm is beefed up while to handle the load while the front forks are typical bicycle downhill units. Pedals are still there, so no problem with low-fuel situations.

What is a Motoped?

The Motoped is a motorised bicycle. It uses a Honda xr50 or chinese clone engine and downhill mountain bike parts mounted to a custom frame and swing arm. It is quick, light and super cool. Hell, it’s insanely economical pushing 100mpg. Is this the future of two wheel transportation?

Why a Honda 4-stroke?

The Honda 4-stroke horizontal OHV motor is the most popular and most copied engine in the world. It was first introduced in the Honda mini-trail 50 in 1969 and is still being used today almost unchanged in the crf50. The Chinese have been making copies of the Honda for years now, with all kinds of variations in design and displacement, but all having the same motor mounts as the Honda. The Chinese copies of the Honda xr50 has spawned a whole group of minibikes called “pitbikes”. The amount of aftermarket performance parts for the Honda xr50 and it’s pitbike clones is endless.

Yes, you could make a lighter and faster downhill motorised bicycle with a two-stroke engine, but 2-strokes are polluting and noisy, that’s why they’ve been almost completely outlawed. The goal was to make a good reliable motorised mountain bike that uses a 4-stroke engine and the most readily available components from the motorcycle and mountain bike industries, with performance being the second goal.


Engine Type Honda xr/crf 50 or Import 4-stroke automatic clutch
Ignition CDI

Chassis/Suspension / Brakes

Frame 4130 Chromoly CRF50/Pit Bike Style frame hand made in USA
Swing Arm 6061 Aluminum hand TIG welded in USA
Body/Seat /Fenders CRF50/Pit Bike
Front Suspension 8″ travel, Downhill mountain bike 1-1/2″ headset
Rear Suspension 8″ travel, 10.5″-11″ i to i Pitbike or MTB shock
Front Brake Downhill mountain bike hydraulic Disc 8″ rotor
Rear Brake Downhill mountain bike hydraulic Disc 8″ rotor
Front Rim & Tire 26″ downhill mountain bike
Rear Rim & Tire 24″ downhill mountain bike


Rake 24 degrees
Wheelbase 54 inches
Seat Height 36 inches
Bottom Bracket Height 14.75 inches
Ground Clearance 12 inches
Curb Weight 107 pounds-Dry, 115-ready to ride(depending on components used)
Fuel Capacity .8 gallons

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  2. How much is it where can i get one

  3. How much is it where can get one , do you have shop in dubai..

  4. Thanks for the support! The Motoped is back on kickstarter and we have already passed our goal.

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