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Radical Ducati RAD-01: Special king of 999

RAD-01 is a piece of motorcycle Art, period! It’s been and still is the pride of Spanish tuning studio – Radical Ducati. RAD-01 is continuing to stir emotions and inspire all Ducati fans, while Pepo and his team continually push the boundaries of possibly the best Ducati designs ever! It all started back in 2005 – when Ducati released it’s “radical” models 749 and 999. That’s when Radical Ducati decided to build this bizarre and beautiful solution – eliminating “questionable” front headlights – placing them on sides of the bike – creating one of the most beautiful bike forms in the world.
And it’s not only looks, that make RAD so fascinating. Its pure functionality that produces this beautiful lines. With a new front and eliminated subframe, this design helped in weight reduction, creating more benefits along the way. Although smaller looking, tank is now carrying 6L more, increasing overall autonomy of the bike. And just to mention that kit is relatively low in price, and leaves the possibility to the owner to further customize it. Things are just getting better and better.

Watching this bike 5 years since it was introduced, it still leave us with goose bumps on our skin. When somebody do something out of passion – as Radical Ducati was doing for past few years – then you can’t go wrong. Then you create something everlasting, something with soul – although it’s all metal and rubber…

Photos: Moto22 and Radical Ducati

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