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Romeo 80 by 7ages Custom Motorcycles


An interesting spin on the subject of custom BMW’s – a Harley-Davidson looking BMW R80 neatly dubbed the Romeo 80. What started it’s life as a 1982 R80 found on ebay for £1350,it was transformed into the one and only bike of it’s kind – hard tail bobber with the “opposing cylinder heart”. A new frame was made by Dave Batchelar at P&D and he cut down the tank and fabricated the new sides and fenders.

The custom 23 inch snowflake wheels were done by Steve Taylor. Paint is by Keith Baker, and the ROMEO 80 design by Paul Leeson. Great looking machine!!!

Link: 7Ages Custom Bikes

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  1. Ok just so no one says that I am a hater, This bike is beautiful!!! It is not a contraption that looks like the degenerate spawn of a shopping cart mated with a V twin Frank Frazetta fantasy wagon. It does not scream to be an 11, it is just a perfect 10..

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