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Streetfighter / 2009 Ducati Monster 1100 Wayne Ransom Edition

You don’t see bikes like this too often. The Japanese brands all chopped and shortened with fat tires, yes, but to take the Ducati as a platform and to build streetfighter machine, you don’t see it everyday that’s for sure. This amazing looking fatty was built by Ryan Danger (this is the name he goes by in Ducati Comunity) and we must say he done one hell-of-a-job. Taking 2009 Ducati Monster 1100 and reworking much of the parts on the bike is a bold move, while sticking the 300mm rear is a down right sacrilege (for Ducati folks).

It’s not a cornering machine, not like the original Monster or Duc 848, and you would say it’s pretty loud. Check out those shortened exhausts – “tire warmers” :). The sound is enough to make you deaf after an hour of riding…with your earplugs on. Ryan particularly love to pull next to the Harley boys and crank that throttle wide open, just to let them know that Duc can play that game as well. Sweet bike. Check out the rest of the info:

- Ransom one-off tubular hand-made single-sided swing arm
- Ransom one-off, offset-drive with carrier bearing support (NO JACKSHAFT)
- Ransom one-off hand-made stainless steel exhaust with re-buildable exhaust canisters
- Ransom one-off hand-made-gauge pods
- Ransom one-off hand made-headlight bracket
- PIAA Custom Headlight setup – 2 low-1 high
- PM Heathen contrast cut wheels – 18 inch F/R – 300mm R
- Heathen contrast cut brake rotors (Front- w/ Stock Brembo calipers)
- Dakota Gauges (Digital) (Stock gauges- relocated to rear- under seat)
- Rizoma Bar ends and grips
- Rizoma Gas Cap
- Woodcraft 2 Piece split clip-ons
- Upgraded Brake lines
- Upgraded Brake and Clutch Reservoirs with custom mounts
- Speedy Moto Clutch Cover
- Speedy Moto Pressure Plate
- CNC Adjustable Rear Sets
- CNC Racing Oil Plug Thumb Screw
- CNC Racing Flange Nuts
- CNC Racing Rear Brake Reservoir Cover
- CNC racing Alternator Cover Type 2
- AEM Sprocket Carrier Cover
- Bitubo Steering Damper (Frame Mounted)
- Power Commander V
- K&N Filters
- Custom coated spring (Stock suspension)
- Custom license plate bracket and mount

Specs for the Paint –
- Ryan Danger custom paint scheme- Acrylic and Ink with clear coat –over a custom matte black finish
(The design was made to reflect on the tattoo life-style look while integrating Ducati throughout. I did the design freehand using acrylic and ink)

Gotta give thanks to Wayne R., Kevin M., Eddie Gee and cant forget Randy N. @ Belissimoto for helping me get all this together.

I think I have everything listed now…

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  1. What is it with people taking a fine handling bike and turning it into a lengthened, pointlessly pimped piece of crap? How many more poeple are going to fall out of the “bad taste tree”? Just buy a harley if you don’t like corners and then you can spend all day looking at yourself as you “cruise” past the plate glass windows of your nearest mall.

  2. True, very true…I guess it’s just for the sake of being different

  3. Nice comments Ducasti :) Everyone has their opinion. The reality is that I built this pimped out piece of crap so that i could ride with my harley friends without leaving the Ducati Platform. You see i have two other 848s and I have fun on the corners with those. This monster was built to my style so i could cruise and smoke cigars and enjoy the roads at a cruising speed. Thanks for the love though regardless good or bad!

  4. love the bike and the pictures!
    I think i want one myself!!

  5. At last! someone else has the bollocks to put a 300 in a monster. Nice bike!

  6. ChrisPowell410

    Beautiful man , I have a 2004 Monster S2R and I’ve lowered the handle bars and chopped the tail. I’m trying to get the balls to stretch it. but yours by far is superior. lol……for now ! haha but in all seriousness looks amazing. You should youtube a video with exhaust sound. I’m considering boomtubes. I have termi’s right now. If yours sounds better than boomtubes Everyone will probably cream. Thanks for the good pics

  7. I love what you did to this thing!!!! Im actually getting a 2009 Monster 1100S next week and i would love to do this to it. Do you have or can youmake more of those swing arms? You should make a kit to sell, i’ll bet you people would jump on it. Let me know if its something that i can get it done to my bike or should i just keep dreaming, thanks

  8. what is the asking price for one.??

  9. Hi Ryan! How much cost this modification? I like it very much, and i want to know if you do it in another bike. Thanks man, Brazilian rider here \õ!

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