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Suzuki GS1000 / Vintage Piece of Racing History

Some bikes from the racing past just look right, and when you mix that with their history and numerous stories surrounding them, you get a timeless racing object. Such is the case with Wes Cooley’s superbike – the 1980 Suzuki Yoshimura 1000GS. In the same year, the same bike managed to win and loose AMA championship at the same time. Wes Cooley and Eddie Lawson the riders behind the story which is nothing shy of best Hollywood movies.

Read more at Motorcycle Museum and make a mental notation of this bike.

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  1. No abs, No computer shit… Just pure skill, those were the days… I was just a sperm then… lol =)

  2. Shiny brass balls….I admire all motorcycle racers of all generations….but some of them were born with brass balls… :)

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