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TMAX Hyper Modified by Marcus Walz

After the Hyper Modified VMAX, Marcus Walz took another Yamaha for the customization – the legendary and game changing Maxi scooter – the Yamaha TMAX 530! The famous custom builder from Germany didn’t want to change much of the original TMAX appearance, yet he wanted to check every detail and try to make the scooter as light as possible. By changing the original exhaust for the aftermarket unit, the original battery for the lithium lightweight one, and by removing some of the plastic parts, Walz succeeded to cut the original weight by 14kg!

The original and well known looks is still present – yet the scooter is more aggressive and it turns heads on every trafic light. The inspiration for the color scheme was the Formula 1 and the World Champion Sebastian Vettel. The end result were so pleasing for Marcus that he’s hoping he would retain the bike for himself! We like the subtle transformation and hope that some of the parts from this “hyper exercise” will go into production.


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  1. RyukyuStriker

    He didn’t bring nothing new to the game that a Japanese Aftermarket company hasn’t done from the first day it came out. Japan is into crazy customization of little and big scooter.

  2. I agree with the comment. But he’s kinda of a celebrity in custom world of Europe so Yamaha can use him to promote it’s products…

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