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Video / Japanese Postal Workers / New Year Celebration

While a lot of countries rely on massive fleets of trucks to deliver mail, it seems things are done a little differently in Japan. Apparently, postal workers in Hakata (it’s one of the seven wards of Fukuoka City) take to the streets en masse every New Year’s eve, and that too on a fleet of little scooters no less. Awesome show of small displacement power it sure is.

Via Autoblog

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  1. Well alot is not explained in the video. In Japan most of the mail is delivered on Honda supercubs. I think its a 100cc engine. Rotary transmission. Japan has alot of very narrow roads. So the bike is quick. On New Years in Japan it is custom to send post cards with the Chinese Zodiac symbol of the year and wish friends and family a prosperous new year. There is soo much mail they even recuit students just to deliver the mail via postal bicycle for part time. This is not Hakata,Fukuoka City,but every city in Japan.

  2. Australia also uses small motorcycles to deliver the mail. Not Cubs but Honda CT110. These have proved to be hugely successful over the years for Aust. Post.

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