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WTF of the Day / VW Jetta Commercial

If you watch this commercial half-brained, you would probably say it’s semi-dumb. But if you just slightly switch on your grey matter cells – you’ll see the FAIL on so many levels. Comparing bikes and cars – apples and oranges, making fun of the exploring part of motorcycle riding and being exposed to elements, looking “geeky” with other riders because of the bike your riding etc. But that’s not the worst part.

Making fun of the bike riders in order to sell cars is plain brainlessness. Now if we think a bit deeper – someone within VW organization actually gave a green light for this fail of a project, and paid top dollars for some “creative” media company to come up with, pardon me, this @hit…

That’s a negative point on our score board VW…

Source: Youtube

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  1. +1 stupid commercial

  2. I actually liked it. The commercial pays homage to real riders, not the Johnny come lately mid life crisis weekend rider. It’s better those types drive Jettas :)

  3. It has been my experience that the majority of H-D riders are the “Johnny come lately mid life crisis weekend rider”. Most of the guys I know enjoy wrenching on their own bikes (As opposed to taking a bagger in to the local H-D dealership) and can actually handle a bike on twisty roads and own every brand of bike except a Harley-Davidson. Their idea of a great weekend is about the riding, not the poker runs going from bar to bar.

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