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X650 Storm conversion kit for 650 Yamahas


The X650 Storm is the newest conversion kit for the 650 Yamaha, based on Craig Vetter’s X75 Triumph Hurricane from 1972. You have to admit the Hurricane is now an iconic motorcycle. Vetter did a sterling job in creating what was in 1972, a breakthrough design. The Storm converts the look of 1977 to 1981 650 Specials and 650 Standards from 1974 to 1979.

The X650 Storm was not intended to be a dead-on copy of the Hurricane. While the latter had a small and impractical tank, the kit has about twice the capacity at about 3 gallons. The Hurricane rear lacked body mass with colour to balance the tank, while Phil’s kit balances front to rear with body work to achieve better overall visual harmony. Perhaps the best feature of the Hurricane was the swooped seat shape, which is used here with abandon, because most body lines of the period tended to follow the frame lines.

The seat drops below the frame lines and is visually arresting. Although the fantastic seat looks long, the builder doesn’t recommend two up. It is attached in the front with 6mm and ¼-20 bolts which may not be strong enough to support weight on the very rearward section.

The body parts come to you in orange gelcoat, so no expensive paint job will be needed. White is available if you want to paint. The tank is made from X-resin which is ethanol proof. The separate tank and tail are designed to look like a seamless one piece body, but two smaller pieces keeps the shipping costs down.

Visit Phil Little Racing for pricing and kit details.

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