5 Best Spots to Surf and Fish




Surfing places are much-loved by people who are into this kind of thrilling activity, but you should aim for more than just surfing if you travel to these destinations. Many surfing spots are excellent for dropping a line, too, so, if you are planning a vacation that involves surfing, don’t forget to pack your fishing gear, as well. Here are five such amazing places.


Hale’iwa, Hawaii

You don’t need a travel guide to tell you that Hawaii is an awesome destination for surfers. There is hardly a more beautiful place on the entire planet where you can surf to your heart’s content. But, if you are interested in finding that particular place where you can both surf and fish, the best recommendation is Hale’iwa.

Here fish is aplenty, and so are perfect waves for surfing. One thing that makes this place, so incredibly beautiful is the steep drop off the bottom. This creates the ideal conditions for fish to come here and thrive, and, as you may suspect, there are powerful currents here, as well.

Be aware of the mighty force of the ocean. More experimented surfers usually come here to enjoy a good pummeling from the forceful waves, but, of course, this is not all. This is one of the best spots for going with a rod on your back since you will find here plenty of fish to catch.

Are you wondering about what you can catch while enjoying this surfer’s paradise? The place is rich in yellowfin tuna that here is called Ahi, skipjack tuna, blue marlin, and other species with exotic names, like Mahi Mahi, Ono, and Aku. Can you tell who else was engrossed with marlin fishing and showed his passion in his works? If your answer was Hemingway, that means you haven’t missed your literature club night.


San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Another amazing spot on this beautiful planet where you can head over to enjoy ideal waves, with a side of fishing, is San Juan del Sur, in Nicaragua. Weather is almost always sunny, and you will find the conditions here to be just to your liking. The locals are very friendly, and the prices are ridiculously low for almost anything.

The conditions for surfing are incredible, and the waves are simply perfect. But let’s talk a little about fishing, as well. Here you will find plenty of mackerel to fish, along with many other species that are common to the area. Mahi, sailfish, and roosterfish, are a few of the other species of fish you will find here.

Don’t you know how to reach perfect fishing spots? Fret not. Many charters will take you exactly where you need to be for casting your line and pulling out of the water some amazing specimens. As expected, the fish here comes in large sizes, so don’t be surprised when landing an incredible one.

Get ready to enjoy a place that has not been, so far, marred by progress and civilization. While some people may find such a thing to dampen their experience, others enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the place. Make sure to get there while San Juan del Sur is still such a perfect hidden gem.


Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia

Let’s leave the azure waters and the tropical sun behind, and head over to Haida Gwaii, or, as the place is now called the Queen Charlotte Islands. Just west of British Columbia’s coast line, you will find this perfect spot for catching the right wave, while catching the right fish. The remote location makes it the ideal destination for those who don’t like crowds.

The cold waves create a different environment, but that presents a new challenge for the surfer and angler in you. The fish here are in high numbers, and they quickly bite, since they need to compete on local resources of food. You will find here the perfect conditions for fishing salmon and halibut.

The scenery is amazing. During winter, the harsh Alaskan winds drop icy storms over the islands. The untouched beaches stretch as far as your eyes can see, and it should come as no surprise that there is so much fauna both on land and in the waters.

Rent a boat if you want to engage in the adventure of a lifetime. Anywhere you look, there is something that awaits to be discovered. For surfing and fishing trips like no others, make sure to book one to these pristine islands, away from all the crowds.


The Outer Banks, North Carolina

Heading over to the coast of Atlantic, you will find another perfect spot for surfing enthusiasts and anglers alike. The Outer Banks stretch along the coast line, offering opportunities for fishing and surfing like nowhere on the planet. The banks are a barrier of islands covering about two hundred miles, and they protect North Caroline against the heavy winds and storms coming from the ocean.

Barrel hunters will find the Outer Banks an excellent location for the activity they love best. And surfing is not the only activity that is much loved here. Fishermen and women will find plenty of things to do, and beach fishing is a thing here. All over the shoreline, you will discover awesome places for casting your line.

This brings us to the topic of what kind of fish you can catch here. Mackerel, blue, and bass, are at home here, and you will be rewarded with some nice specimen, as long as you don’t mind fishing from the beach. However, if you’re not that much into beach fishing, check the charters offering fishing adventures here. You will not be disappointed.

Make sure that being an early riser is not a problem for you, though. Charter tours demand their tourists to wake up before 6 am, and you can expect the entire trip to stretch well into the afternoon and even the evening.


Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Puerto Escondido

Another paradise for surfers and fishers, Puerto Escondido, is the place to go if you are interested in finding the best waves ever. The warm water is a real blessing, and the tide is high, allowing you to indulge in your favorite pastime. The Pacific is not one to make any compromises when it comes to waves, and that will make you happy.

Puerto Escondido is an excellent destination for a trip from many points of view. Entertainment is aplenty, and you will find the local prices more than decent. And, of course, this is not all. The coast is a perfect location for fishing.

Here you will find many coastal towns where fishing is an everyday activity. If you are in the mood to hunt down a blue marlin, a dorado, or snappers, you will find everything you can wish for here. The area caters to tourists, so expect plenty of charters to offer their services for fishing off the coast.

Of course, if you are not that crazy about charter fishing, consider throwing your line from the shore. Many people here prefer beach fishing, and just because you are not out on the water, that doesn’t mean that you won’t catch anything.