How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Motorcycle



If you have arrived on this webpage then, clearly, you would like to know the answer to ‘how much does it cost to paint a motorcycle?’. This question is a really common one, which is why we have prepared this article. You may have different reasons for wanting to paint the motorcycle, so it’s only natural that you will have different prices as well.

Some people want to paint their motorcycle as a way of refurbishing it. If the bike is starting to look a bit old, then you can give it new life by simply using some paint job. Furthermore, painting the motorcycle can also be done in a way to remove some of the damage, like dents and dings. A good paint job will completely cover any traces of any dings.

Of course, the number one reason why people are keen on painting their motorcycle is to customize it. We all want our things to fit our style and let the world know who we are and a motorcycle is a prime example of that. But, one thing you should know is that if you are planning on doing that, you may have to get your wallet ready.


The custom motorcycle paint job

If you are going for this type of paint job, the average prices will vary somewhere between 900 and 2200 dollars. Naturally, prices can go lower or higher, depending on how expensive the area in which you live is in general, but these numbers should be a good indicator of what you can expect to be charged.

In case you are looking for such customization, this is probably the least amount that you should take with you. We say the least, not only because it could be more expensive, but because it will surely be more expensive, since the side covers, saddlebags, or oil tanks, are not going to be a part of that cost.

Clearly, as you can imagine, a factory paint job will be less expensive than a custom job. Still, it is also good to keep in mind that if you need a restoration finish type of job for your motorcycle, then the cost will also be higher. Bottom line, for a custom motorcycle paint job, be ready financially.


The regular paint job

A regular paint job for a motorcycle is cheaper as it should cost you around 300 to 1500 dollars. The price is directly influenced by the general volume of work that needs to be done even before the painting job is actually taking place. Remember that painting parts of the motorcycle represent just a part of the process that is to take place.

The hardest part of that work is removing the older paint from your bike, by sanding it off. This is going to take quite a lot of time, as sanding the paint from any vehicle is manual labor. Clearly, this means the job is not going to be finished in a jiffy and that hard work is worth a lot of money.

The cost can also increase quite a lot in the case that there are prep tasks that need to be done as well. Such parts are really difficult to paint and you will notice that they are the parts of the motorcycle that are the most expensive. If you wish to economize, you can try to learn how to do prep work for the vehicle by yourself.

Another way of saving some money is to focus only on the tank and fairings of the motorcycle. You can simply take just those parts to a paint shop since those parts are the main focus of the paint job anyway so since they are the priority, you will be able to truly spend less money.

Still, it is of high importance that you should know how to do this and be able to do it without scratching or breaking any parts of the motorcycle. This can take some time and cause some worries, but it could be worth it if you do it right. This is why we mentioned that you can learn how to do the prep work by yourself – it saves you a lot of money.

The parts that you should pay extra attention to are the tanks, side panels, rear, and front fender. If you manage to deal with these four parts on their own, then you will clearly notice a change in the amount of money that you have to spend in order to make the paint job to your liking. Patience and attention are truly virtues!


What if you paint it by yourself?  

Now we are getting into some risky territory, but also incredibly cheap territory. If you choose to do it by yourself, a paint job can cost you around 100 dollars or even less. If you are going to ask for a friend to help, you may have to treat them to something or directly pay them, so you may go a bit over 100 dollars, but not by much.

Then again, in this case, you will simply have to do pretty much all of the dirty work. In case your budget is really tight, then you could start learning how to paint a motorcycle. There are plenty of video tutorials on the Internet that will explain to you what you need to do, step by step, so you’ll surely manage something.

You can paint a motorcycle by yourself even if you don’t really have prior experience with this. You will only need some tools that match your needs, get some knowledge from one of those videos, and you will get a paint job done that can be similar to one done by professionals in painting shops.

This is such a cheap option as you only need to buy paint and tools that are required for this activity. Another advantage of this is the fact that you can do it anytime you want and to any part of the motorcycle that you wish for. Practice makes perfect so, obviously, it is recommended that you won’t start working directly on the bike.

By the time that you get to actually painting the bike, you might get such a new kick out of it that you may find yourself with a new life-long hobby. As a beginner, it’s better if you don’t start with complex models or anything of the sorts if you wish for the end result to be really worth your time.

Another factor that you have to keep into consideration in regard to the pricing is the color and the design that you are aiming for. In case that you are looking for decals, that pretty much changes a lot of the success story as it will be harder and, on top of that, it will also make you spend a lot more money.

When thinking about the necessary steps for how you will do the paint job, don’t forget to check out various paint colors and brands and how well they all go with your motorcycle and your overall style. You may even want to make sure that the colors aren’t popping out too much if you live in a conservative part of the town.

If you own an expensive motorcycle, like one made by Suzuki, then the paint that you should be using is also going to be on the expensive side. In case you own a Harley-Davidson, then the price of the paint that you can use on it is also going to be really high, maybe even above the budget that you thought about initially.



So, how much do you need to spend in order to paint your motorcycle? As you saw from this post, there is no real definite answer for this, as there are many factors that you need to take into consideration before an average price can even be estimated. It could cost you anywhere between 100 and 2000 dollars.

If you are looking for a paint job for refurbishment, then you may have to pay anywhere between 300 and 1500 dollars. If you will focus just on the tank, fenders, and panels, then there is a big chance that the final cost will be lower, but that is up to you. If you want to do it as part of a repair, you may have to negotiate the price.

Don’t forget that negotiating the price can be quite tricky, especially if you aren’t very sure of the costs, while the person who would be in charge of the paint job knows the exact prices and has experience with people who want a bargain. Basically, be sure you know what you are talking about.

Of course, if you are talking about custom paints and designs, then you should be ready to pay around 1000 dollars, as that is a different area – but even then you may have a chance at negotiating a price. For the cheapest version, you can rely on yourself, but make sure that it doesn’t go against the warranty of the product.