Moto touring – what to take and what to leave home when going to fish



Do you want to go on a fishing trip with your Yamaha, and so far you have packed only some men’s nylon pants for fishing? The list of packing essentials is considerably longer, and getting some fishing apparel for women in case you’re traveling with your spouse is also needed.

For the rest of the necessities and what to leave at home, see our recommendations below. alternatively you can also check this well-written article.

A small list of essentials

Before delving deeper into what clothes to pack and what gear to bring with you, let’s talk first about some essentials that you should have with you when you go on a fishing trip. One of the first things you should have with you is your fishing license. Without it, you will not be allowed to fish, and you will have to cut your trip short.

In case you travel abroad, you should also have your passport with you. Some form of ID should be among your belongings, too. Also, you must bring along a pair of polarised sunglasses and some necessities, such as medications and toiletries.

Sunscreen and bug repellant are among the most common necessary items anglers should have in their luggage when they go fishing. Also, you must buy a waterproof bag for everything in case you need to have some of your stuff with you on a boat.

Fitting fishing clothes

Depending on the type of weather you are going to face, you should consider having proper clothing. If you travel in summer, it would be good to have with you some quick-dry clothes that don’t retain moisture and fishing hats that will protect your and your spouse’s faces from sunburns.

Pack some shorts and t-shirts, too. But, when you go out on the water, even if the weather doesn’t seem ready to change, it would be a good idea to pack some rain gear. Good quality footwear is also a must. Pick some shoes with good traction and comfortable, as the chances are you will be spending your day on your feet most of the time.

For winter, pack warm clothes with good insulation. A pair of gloves for each member of your team should be there, too. One good option is neoprene gloves that don’t hinder your moves when you fish but don’t leave your hands prey to frostbites, either.

Layered clothing is recommended for cold weather. Get a fleece shirt, a hoodie and a windbreaker on top if it is late fall where you plan to travel. Some warm socks and underwear must be on your checklist, as well.


What about fishing equipment?

A lot of attention should be paid to the type of equipment you need to bring with you. One thing that should not be amiss is a backpack or any form of a light pack that you can use for day trips. Since you’re traveling away from home, you will have a base from which you will leave when fishing, so having this type of pack at your disposal is a must.

Have your favorite rod and reel with you. Many fishing spots cater to anglers who travel there from out of town or even state or country, so the chances are that you will find plenty of equipment to rent. However, if you are particularly fond of a particular rod and reel configuration, make sure to pack it carefully so that it doesn’t break.

Get plenty of lures, flies, or other tackle that is necessary for you to catch something. One idea would be to do some research beforehand and see what kind of tackle works for the fish available in the area. Such items can easily be purchased from local shops, so you do not have to bring the entire home with you.

Pack enough line so that you don’t find yourself running out of this indispensable item. Another good idea would be to pack some wading boots and pants but be aware that these tend to be heavy, so opt for something lightweight, but with good insulation.

What not to bring along with you

Now that you have all the essentials jotted down, it is time to talk about the things you should leave at home.

  • Too many rods, reels, and tackle

As mentioned a bit earlier, plenty of local fishing shops carry everything you might need, so there’s no use to pack every last bit of fishing gear you have around the house. Also, if you don’t know what works beforehand, it would not be wise to occupy precious storage space with things you won’t use.

  • The entire shelf of beauty products you have at home

Basic toiletries are okay but do not go overboard with cosmetic products. Since you’re on a fishing trip, the chances are that you or your spouse might not be able to keep up with your usual beauty regimen. Also, any large containers should be left at home, as they take up too much room.

  • Valuables

It is never a good idea to have valuables with you on a fishing trip. You have no use for such things, and you don’t want to spend your entire trip worrying about where you put your late grandmother’s wedding ring that also doubles as a family heirloom.

Also, the cash you have with you should be in plastic form. Besides the fact that cards don’t take up unnecessary room, it won’t be a tragedy if you lost them since you can always make a phone call and let your bank know about the mishap.

  • Don’t bring too many gadgets with you

A portable camera is a good idea if you want to have some souvenirs of your fishing trip, especially if it’s a successful one. However, too many gadgets will only complicate your life. Plus, you should remember that you are on a fishing trip not just because you like this activity, but also because it’s a way to take a break from all the electronics that surround you daily.